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this app is so delayed it hurts. its very limited for an app that costs money. the last time it was updated was in September 2013, app makers wyd


Very nice app


Finally i found a Free Application to edit my LPs :D Must-have-app


Die App ist eine tolle Idee! Ich nutze sie sehr oft und gerne!!! ABER: Wäre es vielleicht machbar, das "kleine Video" verschiebbar zu machen, statt es immer nur in der oberen rechten Ecke zu haben? Z.B. in eine andere Ecke oder in die Mitte - eben flexibel? Wäre toll! DANKE!!! This App is a wonderful idea! I use it very often and like it very much!!! BUT: Would it be possible to program the app in a way so you can move the "small video" to another place instead placing it always in the right upper corner? E.g. in the lower left corner or in the miggle of the scene - more flexible... Would be great!!! THANKS!!!


plzzzz make the smaller screen turn into half and half! like one vid on one side and another on the other side! THNX!!!

More than 3 mins would make five stars!

Very good app! I love it however the 3 min max is very restricting and annoying. I assumed after I bought the pro package that would change but it didnt. Please extend it!!

Exactly as advertised

About time, finaly an app that doesn crash while rendering super fast. And this app doesnt deteriorate the HD into lower like other apps! This app keets the quality HD and works super fine on my 4s! I purchased happily after testing the free version for weeks. Me and my wife filmed our sons bday with two iphones in two different angles and reunited both videos into one with this great app thank you for this app!


Blazingly fast, high quality image. Very simple without many options, as it stands. Seeing as it is only in version 1.2 right now, I eagerly await additional features for this app!


This app is great and it renders the videos really fast BUY IT ITS AWESOME


DO NOT DOWNLOAD it is the worse app

Very good

Have had this a while and works great, processed videos very fast and the upgrade to 5 min videos was well worth it, Thanks

Pls dont buy this Horrible & scam app!

This app is just waste of money..dont buy it unless it is fixed. Even after in-app pro pack purchase for 1.99$, which itself is scam, and HD output is poor. This app crashes again n again despite reinstalling. Adding music is pain in$$$.


This is a great app! Get it now! There is a lot of use in this app! For an example, take a video of your tv, (still) and put a video of you like a news reporter ( available in iMovie-4.99) Good job making this app!


seems to be really productive! what i would personally love to see is good transitions from a single video to the double screen. its much a cleaner look when the video doesnt just appear inside the other out of nowhere.

Not good

Far.....very far from HD and the execution is poor. Deleted after my first attempt.


takes to much usage, but cool to make VINE edits and VINE edits only. other than that this app is not great.


Enjoyed the app easy to use however once uploaded to iMovie and then utube it said it was unavailable on this platform ????

Love this app

The other reviews confuse me. Ive used this app for around a year its the best p.i.p. ios app Ive found.

Vid in Vid app

This app is extremely useful and can be very creative. Once you utilize it a few times - it makes great edits. One must use creative problem-solving ... Apps offer a platform ... You must create the presentation...

More video

I love the app but is there a way you can have my then one little video Love it but more then one video in a video would be awesome

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